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With so many people involved in the ECT induction process, managing communication can be a challenge. ECT Manager provides everything you need to message, notify, update and support in one secure environment. Here’s what you can do:

Email Reminders

Trying to stay in control of every ECT who has not completed their assessment is time-consuming. Not in ECT Manager. With email templates you can edit, the system automatically generates reminders to ECTs and Tutors if assessments have not been completed or signed off. The system calculates the assessment dates, it knows when that date is arriving or has expired and sends out emails on a weekly basis. Meaning less stress, phone calls and emails for you to deal with.


To help you stay in touch with particular recipient groups or indeed everyone in your system, you can use ECT Manager’s Newsletter system. This system helps when getting schools set up on the system and implementing the registration process. You can remind ECTs or Tutors that assessments are due, you can welcome new ECTs to the process, provide information about a change in process – anything that needs to be communicated to the people in your network in one easy system.

ECT Alerts

ECT Manager makes it incredibly easy for Tutors, Induction Coordinators or Head Teachers to confidentially raise concerns or requests for support when ECTs may be struggling through their induction for any reason. Alerts are then raised to the Appropriate Body who can take steps to assist the ECT in the most appropriate way to help them achieve their goals.

Helpdesk System

Systems sometimes don’t work in the way people expect them to. Sometimes people don’t understand the process they are following. That’s why we have a comprehensive Helpdesk system in ECT Manager which allows all users to raise system or process issues, getting answers in the quickest and most efficient way.


We know you get many calls and emails about the ECT induction process. That’s why we’ve created a knowledge base area on the system for you to store FAQs. You know better than anyone the kind of typical questions you get. Now you can set the system up so that you can direct callers to the ECT Manager FAQ page and soon you’ll find the majority of people getting their answers without needing to call you.

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