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ECT Manager FAQs

What is ECT Manager and what does it do?

ECT Manager is an online database system that makes it really easy for Appropriate Bodies to manage ECT induction in one place. We help Administrators communicate more easily with their ECTs, Tutors and School Coordinators and take away the frustrations of paperwork and spreadsheets.

Will I have to install software to use ECT Manager?

No you won’t. All you need is a PC that can access the internet. ECT Manager is an online system that can be accessed from any operating system, so no need for software to be installed on your PCs.

Can I use ECT Manager anywhere, or do I have to be in the office?

ECT Manager gives you complete flexibility. Because it’s online, you can work from anywhere using your secure log in and password.

Is there a lot of work needed to set up ECT Manager?

Don’t worry, we manage your implementation every step of the way. We’ll tell you everything we need from you and then we make sure the system is ready to go when you are – simple!

Do I have to add every school user into ECT Manager?

No. Your school induction coordinators will register themselves. Once you have authorised their registration request, they can set up Tutors and Head Teachers so you don’t have to do that. They can then register their ECTs ready for you to authorise.

Will I be trained to use ECT Manager properly?

Never fear! We’re here to make the implementation of ECT Manager as seamless as possible. We’ll give you all the training you need to ensure you can set up schools and users, create reports, manage communications and generally manage all the key elements to induction. We do this through online training webinars so you won’t need to travel for miles to offices or classrooms to get the training you need.

How do I control who uses the system?

You control all the schools set up on your system and grant the induction coordinators access. All ECT registrations are also authorised by you. All users have their own secure login to access the system and the areas they require for their role.

Is there a limit on the number of schools I can hold in the system?

None at all. You can have as many as you like and they can have as many users as they need. We set up your schools in ECT Manager during implementation but if you need more added it’s quick and easy for you to do at any time.

Can schools be set up into Trusts?

Certainly. The system has this functionality built in so you can create a Trust or Federation from the schools you have in your system. Once you’ve done that, the Executive Head can view all the schools, ECTs and tutors under their remit.

Can I customise my assessment forms?

Yes, you can. Our Premium Plan allows you to customise exactly as you need to, so your assessment forms are no different online to the forms you use today.

Do I have to send out assessment forms to ECTs?

Not at all. The beauty of ECT Manager is that it manages the induction process for you. So, once we have your term dates and your ECT and Tutor details, the system calculates when the assessments need to be done and sends out emails to the relevant people. If any ECTs don’t return their assessments by the due date, ECT Manager will even chase them by email to ensure you receive the assessment form as quickly as possible.

Are assessments reviewed online?

Yes, all assessments are completed and reviewed online. The reviewer will log onto ECT Manager and will be able to review the full assessment form. They can then update the outcome of the assessment review and add comments if they wish. A copy of the reviewed form and comments are sent back to the ECT, their Tutor and the Head Teacher.

Can forms be signed digitally?

That’s the beauty of ECT Manager – everything is signed digitally! Registrations and Assessment Forms are all signed digitally. No more printing, just everything you need in one place.

How easy is it to find old assessment forms?

All assessment forms are stored securely and fully searchable. If you need to find a particular ECT’s forms quickly, ECT Manager makes that a reality far more than thumbing through a filing cabinet ever could.

Can assessment forms be transferred if an ECT moves to a new school?

If the ECT moves within your Appropriate Body the whole record for that ECT, including their assessment forms, moves with them. If they move outside of the Appropriate Body then the record is archived on your system but can be accessed by yourselves, the school and the ECT in the future if needed.

Does ECT Manager automatically calculate assessment dates?

Yes, whether the ECT is part time, has high levels of sick leave, changes their contracted hours, has already completed some FTE when they join you or has an extension granted ECT Manager will calculate all assessment dates. In fact, whatever the circumstances ECT Manager will calculate the assessment dates. As the Appropriate Body you also can override any dates to allow for unique situations.

Can the system manage ECT absences?

Absolutely. On each assessment form the tutor will be asked to note the number of days absence during the assessment period. If the number is more than 29, the final assessment will be automatically extended by the correct number of days.

Can I generate my finance reports in ECT Manager?

This is one of the great features of the system. The system identifies every ECT registered on the system within the date range you specify. You can run this report and hand it over to your finance team to send out the necessary invoices to the schools.

Can I manage our courses in ECT Manager?

This is made so easy in ECT Manager. On the Premium package you can create your courses, invite people, get attendees to sign online registers so you have clear attendance records and set up finance exports so you can bill for your courses easily and accurately. You won’t believe how much time you’ll save!

Can I send emails via ECT Manager?

Yes, on the Premium package you can send out email newsletters to specific recipient groups. No need to have separate distribution lists set up in your own email system. You can add a file to these email newsletters too and remove anyone from the list who has opted out of marketing communications.

How do I send my termly reports to the TRA?

This is one of the best things about ECT Manager. The system allows you to report on your Passes, Leavers, Fails, Extensions and Starters so easily. As assessments are completed, the system saves the status of each ECT. All you have to do is create an export (which is at the press of a button) and the system will send your reports direct to the TRA.

How do we know our data is secure?

Since the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, everybody has become so conscious about data security. But we have been worrying about these issues for years, ensuring that everything we develop has privacy at its core. All the data we hold for you is encrypted to a minimum of 256k bits – in other words it’s very secure. Every user is password controlled and we make sure that they use passwords that are difficult to identify. You control who has access to what amongst your users so be assured, data in ECT Manager is extremely secure and a better alternative to a paper file in a cabinet. As an organisation Evolution Internet Ltd have Cyber Essentials certification.

If I get a problem or have a query who do I contact?

Everyone needs help sometimes and we make it easy for you contact us - you can find our contact details here. Our team are available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). If you’re struggling outside of those hours or haven’t time to call us, use the Helpdesk function to raise a ticket and we will respond within 24 hours.

We try and resolve most of your queries over the phone. Sometimes we need to get our senior developers involved so a more complex issue can take a little longer. But generally, you’ll have your answer in less than 24 hours and usually much quicker than that!

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