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Keep your data safe, secure and compliant

It’s time to say goodbye to those filing cabinets! Every piece of data held in ECT Manager is encrypted to a minimum of 256 bits – that’s the same standard as the financial services sector. You are the data controller so all access to data is managed by you. Only those with the right permissions get to see what you want them to see. You can have complete peace of mind that your data is held in full compliance with Data Protection guidelines. You can even add key items such as your privacy policy.

Everything backed up all the time

Your data is backed up every six hours and then encrypted and stored off site every night. It is backed up daily to two locations in the UK. If anything were to ever go wrong, we can restore your data within hours.

You’re in control of your users

We know how important data security is. That’s why everyone who uses your system is authorised by you. A robust password protected system ensures only those who should be using ECT Manager are doing so. And there is a full audit trail against every school user, so you can track any changes made.

To give you even greater control, every user is assigned to a User Group. From Appropriate Body Administrators to ECTs, Tutors to School Administrators, every group has a clearly defined set of permissions that ensure they can only see what they need to.

ECT Manager gives you the peace of mind that you can give access to all users without compromising security in any way.

Storing your data

ECT Manager securely holds all your data for as long as you continue to use the system. We keep ECT files archived for 6 years after an ECT leaves the induction process with you so you never again need to worry about finding the right information in years to come.

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