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Everything you need to manage ECT induction in one place

It’s not easy coordinating all the people and activities required to complete ECT inductions. Keeping schools on track, supporting the ECTs, helping tutors fulfil their responsibilities, sending information to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) and so the list goes on. ECT Manager is designed to take the strain out of the communication, reporting and activities involved so everyone can concentrate on doing their job while the system manages the process.

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Your Appropriate Body dashboard will provide a live view of every action you need to take and any issue you need to investigate. The dashboard creates a simple ‘to do’ list from all the data within ECT Manager, helping you stay on track without juggling different systems, paper files and diaries.

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Easy set-up

We make the set-up of your system a key part of implementation. We add all your schools into the system before you start. But rest assured, you can add new schools at any time once you’re using ECT Manager.

You can also set up a group of schools into a Federation or Trust allowing the Executive Head Teacher access to all the schools under their remit.

We’ll show you how to set up your administrators and add term dates. Your Appropriate Body will have its own unique domain name so once you have your data in the system you’ll be good to go.

Giving your schools access

Once your schools are loaded, you can notify the school Induction Coordinators who can then register themselves on the site. Once you’ve authorised them (a really simple process), they can set up Head Teachers and Tutors. And when they are set up, they too have their own individual access to the system. Everyone set up and ready to enjoy all the benefits of ECT Manager.

ECT registration made easy

Once the Tutors are set up, they (or School Administrators) start registering their ECTs on the system. Automatic TRA checks are completed (we want you to be sure your ECTs have QTS), the Head Teacher digitally signs off each ECT and then you authorise them on ECT Manager at the push of a button. It’s simple and it is so quick. You won’t be waiting a whole term to get all your ECT registrations in ever again.

Manage assessments more effectively

ECT Manager helps everyone involved in the assessment process. When an assessment is due, a notification is emailed to the ECT and relevant Tutor.

You have the ability to completely customise your own assessment forms. This means you can create the same forms you use today within ECT Manager so your School Users won't need to learn a new format if you don’t want them to. The forms are completed online by the Tutor and the ECT adds their comments. It’s paperless and when complete, all parties digitally sign the assessment ready for you to review. And if they are running late, the system generates emails (that you can edit if you wish to), reminding all parties that the assessment is overdue. This is sent weekly until you receive the signed off version.

When the final assessment is completed and the ECT is recommended to pass, the system does the work you currently do manually. An export is created and sent to the TRA listing all ECTs who have passed. An email is generated (you can create the content when we set up the system), that then informs the ECT that they have passed. You no longer need to create mail merges, print letters and post them. All the communication needed comes directly from ECT Manager, meaning less work for you and notification reaching all relevant parties quicker than ever.

All ECT assessments are securely stored in the system but can also be printed or generated as PDFs. Everything you need to manage an effective assessment process.

Easily manage your ECTs

ECTs move around. Some change schools mid-year, others work in two schools, they leave, they pass, fail and sometimes need to extend. ECT Manager makes managing all your ECT information very simple.

All data, including schools, dates and contact details are stored. Interim assessments are automatically generated and previous assessments are available to new schools following a move. You can manage part time ECTs, calculate absences, record extensions and so the list goes on.

And you know how frustrating it is to manually work out new assessment dates? Well, ECT Manager does it all for you automatically.

ECT Manager now gives you greater control over your ECTs than you’ve ever had before – and without all the additional administration.

Invoicing at the press of a button

Invoicing is another task that Appropriate Bodies have to keep on top of at all times to ensure that inductions are properly charged to each relevant school. This remains a manual process, cross-checking records and creating invoices on internal systems. Now ECT Manager allows you to provide relevant invoicing information for inductions and courses by simply generating a financial export for your finance department – which really is at the press of a button.

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